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 Driver Training – General Oilfield Driver Improvement (GODI) This one-day course is intended for oilfield truck drivers operating vehicles with GVW of 4500 kilograms and over.  It is approved and certified by Enform, which is the training certification and health and safety services arm of the upstream petroleum industry, owned, directed and partially funded by six upstream petroleum industry trade associations.   
 Emergency First Aid CPR C This course covers the skills needed to recognize and provide intervention for life-threatening emergencies until medical aid arrives.   
 Standard First Aid CPR C / AED This course covers skills in Emergency First Aid plus first aid for other injuries and illnesses including head and spinal injuries, fractures of the upper and lower limbs, including Level C CPR training and certification (Adult, Child, Infant, and 2-rescuer resuscitation) and AED training and certification.   
 Ground Disturbance Level 101 This course is designed for anyone who may be required to undertake, plan or supervise excavating and trenching operations. It is also used by any individual working in proximity to a ground disturbance. Emphasis is placed on recognizing hazards, and knowing when to stop work and inform the supervisor for further assessment. Participants are able to explain what a ground disturbance is, when and why common hits occur, define what a Code of Practice is and why there is the need for one. Participants are always under the direct guidance of Ground Disturbance Supervisory Level 201.  
 Ground Disturbance Supervisory Level 201 This course is designed for any party that is supervising a ground disturbance, independently performing a ground disturbance, or issuing and receiving ground disturbance permits. The program ensures that personnel are familiar with, and fully understand, all the regulations and variances involved when a ground disturbance takes place. Participants learn how to clarify sources when searching for underground facilities, provide notification to the facility owner and receive owner notification. Participants gain an understanding of the necessary approvals/crossing agreements and regulations necessary before creating a ground disturbance.  
 Detection & Control This course is designed for personnel working with or near flammable substances in the oil and gas industry. The primary focus is to safely monitor and control these substances. The course includes an introduction to flammable substances, principles of flammable gas/vapour detection, care and preparation of combustible gas monitors, interpreting combustible gas readings, and control methods.   
 Confined Space Entry This course designed to educate the individual who may be required to work in confined spaces. Participants will learn to recognize what a confined space is, entry hazards, and the safe work practices and procedures required to protect personnel and prevent the loss of production and/or property.   
 Fall Protection This course is designed to give the recipients an understanding of working with fall protection equipment, knowing how to select and use appropriate fall protection systems to protect a variety of different fall hazards.   
 WHMIS Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System require that every person in Canada who handles or works in proximity to controlled chemicals be trained and certified.   
 TDG Transportation of Dangerous Goods regulations require that, with few exceptions, every person engaged in the handling, offering for transport or transporting of dangerous goods be trained in the area of handling such goods.   
 WHMIS/TDG Home Study The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) provides information about many hazardous materials used in the workplace. WHMIS calls these hazardous materials controlled products. Under WHMIS, workers have the right to receive information about each controlled product they use---its identity, hazards, and safety precautions.   
 Hazard Assessment Workplace Safety is Everyone's Responsibility and with the new Regulations it is required that all employers must do a Hazard Assessment of their workplace; whether that area is a computer lab, a laboratory, or a field area. After you have determined what the hazards are, you need to take the necessary steps to either eliminate or control the hazards.   
 Incident / Accident Investigation Incidents and accidents hurt people, damage property, interfere with work and reduce profit. Learn how to investigate incidents and accidents in order to prevent them from recurring, and turn negative situations into positive learning opportunities.   
 Hazard Assessment / INC / ACC Investigation This course is both the Hazard Assessment and Incident / Accident Investigation courses combined into one class.   
 PST / CSTS Petroleum Safety Training (PST) is a safety orientation program which many oil companies require as the minimum acceptable safety training to access their sites. / Construction Safety Training System (CSTS) provides the basic for safety in construction work. It provides an excellent introduction to safe practices on the job site and is a great safety training tool for new younger workers and for experienced workers.   

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